So, what is GOSTORY then?

Hey, great to see you and thanks for asking!

It's a brand-new website full of drama-based activities to keep your lovely little people aged 2-11 occupied, entertained and educated over the coming months and beyond, there's storytelling and interactive drama workshops for a range of age groups.

Can I try before I buy?

Sure you can...

We have videos to watch absolutely free right now just CLICK HERE - there's also 14 days free when you sign up!

I'm a teacher, is there anything in there for me?


There’s a special subscription for schools, nurseries and other educational institutions which will include visual tutoring, lesson plans and activity sheets to help you deliver great drama workshop experiences to your classes.

Who's making all this stuff?

We're professionals...

We are a group of theatre industry professionals with extensive experience in productions for young people, story-telling and educational drama provision. It was important to us to make this content available online for schools and households during this unprecedented time, so we made this website!

Now then... will I have to pay?

Yeah a little bit. Soz.

We are part-funded by the Arts Council England, for which we are extremely grateful. Thanks ACE!

This funding is for website set-up but not maintenance and admin, so we'll be charging a small monthly subscription fee to cover costs, there's a 14 day free trial period and you can cancel at any time - not that you'll want to of course...

Sounds great, how do I join?

Sign on the dotted line.

Head to CREATE AN ACCOUNT and enter all your particulars. We will ask for your credit card but you will have a 14 day free trial period before we take any cash, so you can have a good look around first. Don‘t worry, there’s no way anyone will get hold of your details as they’re guarded by a big angry troll (also known as a Secure Server apparently).