Frequently Asked Questions


How do I sign up?   That's easy, go to CREATE AN ACCOUNT and fill in your details.

Do I get a free trial?   Sure you do. 14 days are free then after this period you will be charged monthly or yearly. You can cancel at any time.

Will you be adding more content?   Absolutely! Our storytellers and workshop leaders are working their little drama socks off as we speak and we aim to add something new from each of them every week. We also have new presenters coming on board shortly.

Will any videos be deleted?   Nope, and you will have access to the growing library of content when you sign up.

Are only schools allowed to sign up for the Education part?   Yes, you must be part of an educational institution to sign up to that section, because there are special teachery features for them such as tutorials and lesson plans, alongside the regular library of storytelling and drama workshops.

Are my details safe?   You bet. We have our own secure server for personal details and a separate transaction company deals with payments, so they are not linked and we never even see your credit card number.

How can I contact you?   Send us an email at [email protected] and we''ll get back to you pronto.

Do I get a free Parker Pen?   No.